Personal Health / Results Coaching -  it's not just what you eat, but what is eating you.  And too much Stress can sabotage your success

"James is the most all-encompassing health professional with whom I have ever worked.  He truly takes a “whole person” approach to providing guidance for personal transformation.  I was drawn to his pain relief and health coaching services but never expected the range of things he would cover.  It was apparent after my very first session with him that this was going to be a personal journey like no other, an impression which carried forward each and every subsequent session. I initially went seeking his help with back pain, foot pain and a shut down metabolism which was creating unprecedented weigh issues for me.  Through Rolfing bodywork, structural exercises and guidance on various fitness techniques, I am now fully pain-free and able to engage in physical fitness activities which had been a struggle in the recent past.  Through his practical and supportive guidance on nutrition and overall health, I am starting to recognize my body again, inside and out!!!!  During the process, there were countless discussions which would lead to some lurking emotion, disappointment or fear which was inhibiting me, and he always had an unbelievably practical and supportive way of addressing each head-on, which initiated personal breakthroughs time after time.  He is truly one of the most inspirational and caring people I have ever met and am grateful for the pain which led me to seek his services!"  -Susan E., 2013

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rolfing, THERAPEUTIC BODYWORK - Reduces pain, improves balance and posture, frees you to burn more calories!

"After 5 long years of being limited in movement and in pain I now feel great. I am a dance instructor and competitor that has been sitting on the sidelines for years. I had a series of Rolfing sessions with James Donatelli at Body in Balance Wellness Center and I am now able to dance without pain or limitation. I am so excited to be dancing and competing again! Thanks James, you are the best!"     Mary Jane Harris, 2013

"I went to James to help my aching feet, from dancing....James worked on my feet and with just a couple of sessions... I now have happy feet that are more grounded, don't hurt AND I dance better"   -Happy Feet Anne C., 2013   Ps. "James also advised me of what to do to keep my feet happy.... And it works....Woohoo, James REALLY IS as good as it gets....."

"I had a neck injury and a left to right side of body imbalance that I have been dealing with for years. I worked with many wonderful therapists using different healing modalities over the last few years to manage the pain and discomfort.  Over the years, the pain has subsided; however, working with James is first time in years I can truly say my body is completely pain free. My body now feels aligned and balanced. His knowledge in therapeutic body work is excellent, as is his holistic approach to treating the whole being. James gets 10 stars from me!  I highly recommend him... he is an exceptionally gifted therapist."   -Lori V., 2013

"I was referred to James by a friend who is a tennis player and he told me what a difference James made in his life to be free of his chronic shoulder pain. I was suffering with a sprained toe and was open to trying anything to get back to my yoga and dance classes.  My experience was nothing less than remarkable. From my first visit I felt better. i learned how my toe was a signal that my whole body needed my attention and care in order to function better and heal my injury. Knowledge is power and paying attention to what your body needs has big rewards on many levels. i am so grateful that I found the personal care that I needed... and since then I have continued going to James with monthly visits for health coaching which is working out great!  The best part is that I am doing this for me... and everyone in my life notices the smile on my face"  :)  -Martha D., 2013

"My personal testimony for how James helped me walk without a cane. Previous to working with James I had been in physical therapy for 3 months without any visible results.  After working with him for only a few hours I was standing straight and walking without hesitation. I enjoy the 4 exercises he suggested I do every morning at home. It takes so little time and is truly exciting to know I'm making progress and my posture has improved. He is very knowledgeable and totally dedicated to helping people." -Pat Brightman, 2012


Palm Beach

Ways To Lose Weight - Testimonials


Over the years, I have tried many ways to lose weight. Cudos to Cavi-Lipo Palm Beach and James! They have changed my life. I made my first visit for a Cavi-Lipo session, but was blessed to get professional nutrition and exercise information and rolfing massages.  After one week, I had lost 5 pounds and 1" from my waist and had so much more energy!  I have now completed 12 sessions of Cavi Lipo along with a dietary change and the rolfing massages to lose 22 pounds, 5" from my waist, 7" from my hips, 4" from each thigh, 2" from each calf, and 1" from each arm in just 3 months!  James gives you positive reinforcement and advice with every Cavi-Lipo session.  He  teaches about the safety and effectiveness of eating more natural foods rather than relying on weight loss products. 2013 Mindy B

"I went to James in desperation - all of a sudden I have a muffin top - and no matter what I did for diet, it wouldn't go away!  it made me so upset.  So in desperation, I found Cavi Lipo and James and decided to give it a try.  My girlfriend had gone to him and gotten great results.  It takes three or four sessions to really start to see results.  Now, I am so exicited - I have lost most of the fat that was hanging over my jeans!!! This really works and James knows his stuff between rolfing, diet, and the Cavi Lipo!"     2014 Patty P