Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can I have sculpted with the Cavi-Lipo Body Sculpting System? The Cavi-Lipo Body Sculpting system is wonderful for tummy fat, love handles, back of the arms, buttocks, above the knees, inner and outer thighs. Toning can also be done to these ares plus the neck and chin to lift and tone. 

What should I wear? For the Cavi-Lipo sessions you can wear a bikini type bathing suit  or sports attire so that you are covered up yet the areas to be worked are exposed. The same goes for the therapeutic bodywork sessions. It is best to wear comfortable sports attire that you would wear to the gym, the beach, or to a yoga class. 

Does it hurt? The Cavi-Lipo sessions are very relaxing and you can sit back and listen to music. There is no pain. There will be a slight humming sound in your ears while the ultrasound is on. That means there is a good conductive connection and the ultrasound is penetrating. 

How long is a Cavi-Lipo Body Sculpting Session? Treatment time is about 50 minutes. However, plan for about 60 minutes to allow time for discussing your goals, measuring and taking before and after photos.

How many sessions will it take? It will really depend on you and your body. A free consultation is offered to go over your goals and to estimate the number of sessions needed for best results. Love handles or neck or arms, 1-3 sessions. If you desire full body sculpting on larger areas, you may wish to start with a 9 or 12 session package. Other vendors promising better results in one session are not being honest. Cavi-Lipo is the new gold standard. It is being used in some medical spas to replace laser and meso-therapy and endomolgy. Due to Cavi-Lipo's huge success in Europe and Asia, some predict it may even replace lipo surgery. 

How frequently can I have a Cavi-Lipo body sculpting sessions? It is best not to go too fast. A period of 48-72 hours is recommended to give your body adequate time to process and metabolize the fat that will be released during each session. Less active clients should wait 72 hours, very active clients can better process the triglycerides that are released.


Is Cavi-Lipo a quick fix for being overweight? Cavi-lipo is very effective at spot reduction of fat and cellulite; however, it is not for general weight reduction. General weight reduction is best addressed by adopting healthier nutrition habits. Eating more, not less, of healthy nutrient dense foods is what your body needs. This is why we combine Personal Results Coaching with your Cavi Lipo treatments. By making small nutrition improvements each week, the typical client will lose 1-2 lbs per week. Over the course of 6-12 months, that is 25-100 lbs.  What is important is that the weight now stays off because you made sustainable lifestyle changes, not followed some unsustainable fad diet plan. Its important not to just lose the weight, but to lose it and keep it off. 

Does Cavi-Lipo last?  It depends on your diet and exercise habits. A reduction of fat cells by any procedure is permanent only if combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. This is why we offer Personal Results Coaching to teach you healthy eating habits to you can keep your new slimmer figure. We want you to look and feel fabulous for years to come!​

Do you accept insurance? We DO NOT take insurance; however, we give you a receipt that you can turn in to your insurance provider. Some health savings accounts (HSA's) may cover the treatments. There is no guarantee expressed or implied about insurance coverage.​ 

Payment Options? The prices are based on cash/check payments. There is a 3% additional charge for VISA or debit cards.

What are the risks? CAUTION: Cavi-Lipo when combined with Personal Results Coaching and moderate exercise is so effective you may need to purchase a new wardrobe of clothes several sizes smaller. Cavi-Lipo is very safe and effective for people who are not pregnant or do not have a pre-existing medical conditions. 

Can bodybuilders use Cavi to help them to reduce fat?  Yes, but nutrition plays an important role and for best results the Cavi should be done during the bodybuilder's "Cutting Cycle" not the "Building Cycle". This is due to the excessive calories consumed during a typical bodybuilder's building cycle. Cavi will typically help reduce fat roles when the fat percent is higher, 20% vs 12%. Cavi becomes less effective when the client is leaner, for example, 12% vs 20% body fat. The lingering fat tends to be more stubborn and difficult to remove. 

Please consult your doctor before having Cavi-Lipo if you:

are Pregnant at this time.               
have a Pacemaker or other electronic implant.
have a heart transplant, disorder or disease.
have Acute Inflammation.
have High Blood Pressure.
have a Neurological disorder.
have Kidney (renal) disorder or Liver disfunction.
have high levels of Triglycerides (hereditary).
have any other medical condition that could have adverse effects from the treatments.


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